Gender bias in business writing

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10 examples of gender bias you may encounter in the workplace

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Implications of Gender Bias in the Workplace

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How Can We Beat Unconscious Gender Bias In The Workplace?

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If you doubted there was gender bias in literature, this study proves you wrong

And gender bias. Gender bias affects both men and women in countless ways. When we talk about gender bias, we usually mean the belief that men are superior to women.

Gender Bias Starts Early. Some employers believe gender bias just spontaneously occurs in the workplace, and that it can be resolved through mandatory diversity training and a demand that. Bias is so common in speech and writing that we often are not even aware of it.

But it is the responsibility of everyone to become conscious of and write without bias. The following guideline will help you to accomplish this objective. However, people are now using alternatives to these words that avoid gender bias: humankind, salesperson, server, etc.

Avoid Gender Bias in Writing

So, writers can incorporate these gender-neutral words into their content to avoid being offensive or inaccurate. To maintain credibility and accuracy in your content, you should avoid using gender bias in writing.

-Avoid gender bias Avoid gender-biased nouns and pronouns in your business writing. It is more appropriate and ‘politically correct’ to use gender-neutral words instead.

Below are lists of common gender-biased terms and bias-free substitutes. 1. Occupational References saleslady, salesman serviceman steward, stewardess waitress workman business executive, entrepreneur professional, manager, executive cleaner courier, messenger Examples of Gender-Sensitive Language, page 3 of 3 Biased Bias .

Gender bias in business writing
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