Ida wells

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Ida B. Wells

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Wells-Barnett was a prosperous anti-lynching crusader, suffragist, women's rights lyric, journalist, and speaker.

Ida B Wells: the unsung heroine of the civil rights movement

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Ida B. Wells

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Ida B. Wells

The oldest of eight children, Ida B. Wells was born in Holly Springs, Mississippi. Her parents, who were very active in the Republican Party during Reconstruction, died in a yellow fever epidemic. Ida B.

Wells-Barnett was a former slave who became a journalist and launched a virtual one-woman crusade against the vicious practice of lynching. Wells is considered by historians to have been the most famous black woman in the United States during her lifetime, even as she was dogged by prejudice.

Ida B.

Ida B. Wells: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Wells-Barnett (), journalist, civil rights advocate, suffragist. Ida Bell Wells-Barnett lived in Chicago in this lateth-century Romanesque Revival style stone residence while fighting to end lynching, segregation and the economic oppression of African Americans. Ida B. Wells-Barnett, née Ida Bell Wells, (born July 16,Holly Springs, Mississippi, U.S.—died March 25,Chicago, Illinois), African American journalist who led an antilynching crusade in the United States in the s.

Southern Horrors and Other Writings: The Anti-Lynching Campaign of Ida B.

Ida B. Wells-Barnett

Wells, (Bedford Series in History and Culture) May 6,

Ida wells
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