Lol matchmaking taking forever

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MMR aka Match Making Rating in League of Legends

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Is this game starting to lose steam already?

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Ranked Match Strict Worse limit solo players to playing against other piece players only. Jun 10,  · I don't notice the matchmaking taking too long.

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Define forever please, wait time is very subjective. Ranked matchmaking has a higher priority to match by rank than casual does which is hard and therefore takes longer (not. The most LOL-worthy things the Internet has to offer.

A fresh take on sports: the biggest news and most entertaining lists. The only place to satisfy all of your guilty pleasures. Lol why moba? Agree 1 Disagree 8 I agree Pooker. My only gripe is matchmaking taking forever.

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Lol matchmaking taking forever
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Damn it takes forever to get into ranked games in League of Legends. | IGN Boards