Moths as ecological indicators

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World Population Awareness

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Conserving butterflies will trudge our whole environment for wildlife and dad the lives of areas now and in the future. Moths have been used as indicator species in various studies as they are abundant in many different habitats and sensitive to environmental changes.

We used moths as indicators for pasture degradation in the Mongolian steppe for the first time.

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We compared the ability of indicators developed from texture analysis of remotely sensed images to predict species richness and species turnover of six taxa (trees, pyraloid moths, geometrid moths, arctiinae moths, ants, and birds) in a megadiverse Andean mountain rainforest ecosystem.

Moths are suitable ecological indicators mainly for forested and open areas. Results Articles from peer-reviewed journals, revolving around the topic of moths as ecological indicators.

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Moths also play a vital role in telling us about the health of our environment, like the canary in the coalmine. Since they are so widespread and found in so many different habitats, and are so sensitive to changes, moths are particularly useful as.

The selection of suitable ecological indicator groups is of great importance for environmental assessments.

Environmental impact of pesticides

To test and compare two such groups, we performed transect walks of butterflies and. Due to their high ecological diversification and short generation times, insects are useful indicators of environmental change.

Lepidoptera (butterflies and moths) is one of the largest insect orders withdescribed species, of which 95% are moths [5], [6].

Moths as ecological indicators
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